Photography has been passion and obsession since I was 7 or 8 years old. I saw a black & white print emerge from a tray of developer in my Moms make-shift darkroom. It was a bit of luck that I would keep forever.

I bought a nice camera in high school and put it to use for the newspaper and yearbook which continued into a couple more years in college. I had good luck for another 16+ years in Jackson Hole and Bozeman areas. Odd jobs included construction, cab driver, baker and prep cook, tow truck driver, mechanic, cruise ship photographer and breakfast cook. Only to afford a snowboard, a snowboard pass, film and beer.

The first editorial magazine publication was a big deal for me in 1990. Snowboarding wasn’t a fad, it was an opportunity and lifestyle. Not to mention a thriving resort industry and community based on images. Images of fun activity and beautiful sights. That would be my job for the next decade.

Unknowingly, all these random photographs have layers of stories that I could never have imagined. Even less imaginable is the digital revolution and the ability of computer power. After returning to Bozeman in 2001, the luck continued. Job opportunities with fellow colleges provided my evolution into the digital reality. Digital is a wonderful thing personally and for the industry of photography.

Having all these images is a great reward but the actual value is the act of taking an image. The experience, is the big prize. I ended up working for a lot of magazines, companies and corporations, big and small. It’s the people, places and situations that seems like a dream. Riding the lift with Warren Miller. Early tram with Tommy Moe. Backstage with Green Day and Sublime. Riding helicopters with Ranquet and Guch. Shaking hands with Evel Knievel. Hiking the pass with Terry Kidwell. Watching Shawn White learn how to skate as a 9 year old. Not to mention all the images of the bird’s, tree’s and “last nights sunset”.

I am currently a guide& photographer in Yellowstone National Park and live in Island Park, Idaho. Surrounded by everything I love and being paid to show visitors the wonders of Yellowstone. It's incredibly isolated with long harsh winters, but it's exactly what I want. It's even more special these days with my wife, daughter and son.